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Become a Big Apple Affiliate

With around 90,000 hits a month on our website (and growing) we are ideally placed to help you find more customers and more purchases, more often, and that means more profit for you!

We're interested in hearing from local companies who are able to offer goods and services which are unique to New York City. We can help you sell by targeting your products at the NYC tourist market.

Or perhaps you run a more conventional business, like a restaurant or hotel, which will be of interest to the kind of people who use this website - tourists and business travelers! Maybe you can offer them a discount when they buy from you!

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big apple affiliates

A very large proportion of the good people who visit this website are intending to travel to the New York City on business or for pleasure. We are able to provide the first timer with invaluable information which will enrich their NYC experience.

Now, we are looking at forming partnerships with local businesses who can offer goods and services which may be of interest to our surfers. The Central Park poster offer on the front page is an example (we've repeated it below for you). If you would like to get in touch, just click here to send us an e-mail, telling us about your business and/or products, and we'll get the ball rolling.

Do it now and look forward to increased profits very soon!

An example of an affiliate entry

Great New Central Park Poster

Get the first aerial photo of the entire park ever offered.

This 60" x 20" color photo, taken at 14,000 feet with the highest quality photographic equipment available will amaze you with it's incredible detail (you can even see the cars on the streets).

Click here for more information and online ordering


discount voucher scheme

If you run a more conventional business and don't feel that being an affiliate is right for you, why not enroll for our voucher scheme. Take a look at the the Broadway Joe page. They run a restaurant and offer a voucher which can be printed out by potential customers when they're using this site.

It's not just an advert for Broadway Joe. Because the surfer has printed out the discount voucher, they will be more inclined to visit and make a purchase when they come to NYC.

If you'd like to take part, please contact us by clicking here. Tell us about your business and what kind of discount you can offer. Send us one or two photos and your logo if possible. We'll then design a voucher and a webpage for you at a very reasonable cost, which we'll will agree beforehand. There is then just a small annual fee.

radio advertising scheme

How about using our very special radio advertising scheme to literally 'tell' the world about your products and services? The only proviso is that you need to appeal to the kind of people who use this site - and that's tourists and business travelers Click here to tell us about your business and the products you intend to offer. One of our professional radio journalists record an interview with you, where you do the selling yourself and we'll put it live on the site, for the whole world to enjoy. As always, our very low fees will be agreed in advance.

Michael Watkins talks to Georgette Blau
about her new NY TV Tours
- 6 minutes 20 seconds

maximum impact scheme

Get maximum impact for your campaign by using all of the above methods of getting your message across to this highly targeted audience and we'll give you maximum discount. We'll also throw in, free advertising for your business or product in our e-zine 'Big Apple Bugle' which goes out to our subscribers every quarter. All fees are agreed in advance. To take advantage of the full package, contact us by clicking here.

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