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Broadway, arguably more than any other street in the world, evokes images of the city it belongs to. When you hear people mention Broadway, you almost immediately think of New York. It is, perhaps, the most famous street name in the world. More than Fifth Avenue, 42nd Street.. even Wall Street. Over the years, the word Broadway has outgrown itself.

For many years it's become known as the generic term for theatre and on-stage showbiz -- the place where ever aspiring performer of that ilk aspires. Little wonder then, that so many tourists can be spotted taking photographs of signs of Broadway. Even a walk down this huge Manhattan thoroughfare can be a thrill for some who are new to the city I once heard an elderly man exclaim to his companion ''I'm walking down Broadway!!!"

Broadway is a street which goes truly against the grain of the otherwise well laid out Manhattan grid system of streets and avenues. For it runs diagonally from downtown, through midtown to uptown and beyond. The swathe that Broadway cuts can be clearly seen from high up, as you look north from the top of the Empire State Building.

And let me dispell one myth immediately: Whilst all of New York's top theatres are said to be found on Broadway, the truth is somewhat different. Many of the best venues are on 42nd Street for example.

Broadway is also a street of huge contrasts, stretching as it does from one end of the city to the other. There's Broadway in the Financial District, Broadway in the Fashion District, Broadway in Midtown and Broadway in Uptown.

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