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Disabled New York

The Big Apple is a much more accommodating city for disabled travelers than it used to be. The caring, sharing inhabitants are now much more conscious of the needs of the disabled than they were say, a few years ago. Most architects are now actually starting to think about the buildings they are designing, and the people that will use them. Something that would be obvious to a 7 year-old but until recently, not to the world's architects.

Most new buildings in the city will have ramps for wheel chair access and many of the buses are able to "kneel" to make it easier for infirm passengers to get onboard.

Some museums offer special tours for disabled people, directed at specific groups like the blind or the deaf or perhaps those with mobility problems. It's best to call ahead before you visit a museum, to see what special arrangements they have. Wherever possible, we have included phone numbers in this guide.

Most public telephones have special electronic devices to aid the hearing impaired and many theaters are now using similar systems, which will help you to enjoy the performance.

All in all, when it comes to facilities for the disabled, New York is now one of the most friendly unfriendly cities on the planet.

Essential Data

More information on access is available in a free publication called "Access guide to New York". You can get it from the Junior League of the City of New York at 130 East 80th Street - Tel: 288 6220.

Further information is also available from The Mayors Office for People with Disabilities on 788 2830.


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