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In the Big Apple and indeed, throughout the US, the standard electricity supply flows at 115 - 120 volts AC and 60Hz.

If you are intending to use any electrical appliances during your stay in the Big Apple, be sure to bring along an adapter to convert between your country's plug and the two prong type plugs found in New York.

These are usually available in the shops at your departure airport.

The photograph to the right shows an example of the kind of socket you'll find behind most American refrigerators.

And this is the type of plug that goes into it (left). There is also a two prong version, without the earth pin.

If the voltage is different where you live, you will also need a transformer to convert the New York supply to match the appliances you are bringing with you.

Apart from the voltage, the frequency of the mains voltage in the US, differs from that in many other parts of the world. In the US it's 60Hz or 60 cycles per second in old money.

This can affect the way electrical appliances work. For example, if you were coming over from England where the mains voltage frequency is 50Hz and were relying on your alarm clock/radio to wake you for an important meeting, you may find it can no longer keep accurate time.

Electric irons are available for hire in most hotels and most also have wall-mounted hair dryers in their rooms.

If you are in any doubt about exactly what is required, either seek the help of a qualified electrician or simply don't bring any equipment with you, that uses mains power.

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