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New York for Free
Here are a few ideas for places to go for free in the Big Apple!

You've seen the movies, now check out the Police Academy Museum at 235 E.20th St. actually, only the name is the same and that's where the similarities end. Along the same lines as the famous Black Museum at London's Scotland Yard, this is an eerie collection of memorabilia from terrible murders and other heinous crimes of the twentieth century. Oh, and it's free. Open Monday to Friday from 9am till 3pm.

The Big Apple Greeters will be happy to take you on a tour of one of many local neighbourhoods, and it's free. They don't even accept tips!!! Is this the same New York we know and love? The walks are conducted by local residents and you can book by calling 669 8159.

Why not take in a free concert at the World Financial Center's Winter Garden (call 945 0505 for info) or head for Central Park for free classical and other concerts. 1-888 NYPARKS has all the info.

And while you're in Central Park, you might like to contact the Central Park Rangers (no they're not a baseball team) to take part in one of their free activities. Call them on 1-800 201 7275.

For a really great free night out during the summer months, head for Coney Island boardwalk between W10th and W12th Sts, Coney Island, Brooklyn any Friday evening. At 9pm the night sky will be filled with the light of a huge firework display and it's all free! If you want to check that it's definitely happening before you go, call 718 372 2592.

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