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Grand Central Terminus

Even if you are not passing through in the course of your travels, you really must visit Grand Central Terminus. One of New York's finest architectural marvels, its elaborate Beaux Arts fašade stands like an urban palace on East 42nd Street at Park Avenue.

Among its most notable features are two ornate clocks - one surrounded by Jules-Alexis Coutan's statues of Mercury, Hercules and Minerva above the 42nd Street fašade, and the other above the information booth in the center of the main concourse. Its famous Grand Staircase was modelled on the Paris Opera House and its cathedral-like vaulted ceiling was based on mediaeval manuscripts.

A unique feature among the world's railway stations is the Grand Central Oyster Bar which certainly merits a visit even if you are not a seafood fan. The terminal itself caters for main line and subway trains used by over half a million people per day between the hours of 5.30 a.m. and 1.30 a.m.

Click this link to check the Grand Central web site for more information.

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