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Mail & Phoning Home

Sending mail home

As you'd expect with any huge city like New York, there are plenty of places to post a letter. You can use any of the postboxes you'll find on the street or use any of the US Mail General Post Offices.

If you're staying in a hotel you can usually post your mail at reception and most hotels will also sell you stamps, although they will cost you 25% more than if you bought them at a post office.

Phoning home

Of course, calling home from New York is as easy as picking up the phone in your hotel room and dialing the number.

However, you'll need to know the dialing code for your country and it will invariably cost you much more than calling from a phone booth, as the hotel will want a hefty cut of the call charge as well.

If you use a pay phone in the lobby or a phone booth on the street, you will either need to have with you , a big bag of coins or a credit card. The older traditional style payphones do not accept credit cards but newer phones do.

To make an international call from the Big Apple, start by dialing the International dialing code, which is 011.

Depending on what kind of phone you're using, you may have to insert some coins first.

Now dial the country code (we have provided a whole page of country codes which you can access from the menu to the left or by clicking here) then dial the city code but omit the first 0, and finally dial the local phone number. That should work.

If not, try calling the International Operator on 01 or perhaps International Directory Inquiries on 00.

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