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These are the first in a series of radio interviews which we are conducting with people who may be of interest to New York visitors.

Former BBC and Sky News presenter Michael Watkins talks to some of the people behind the attractions that help make New York what it is for tourists.

Michael Watkins

If you run some kind of tourist attraction or think you have a story to tell about New York, please let us know and perhaps you can tell the world on NYTR - New York Tourist Radio! Drop us a line by clicking here.

The clips are available in two formats. If you are using a telephone and modem connection, your best bet will be to go for the REAL AUDIO version, which will start playing quickly, as the file is still coming down the line. However, to use REAL AUDIO, you'll need a real media player, available free from Real Networks

If you have a faster internet connection, like ISDN, ASDL, ADL or a corporate connection, try the MP3 version. The sound quality is much better but you really need that faster connection to appreciate it, otherwise you'll be waiting around for ages for the clip to start.

The other advantage of MP3 is that you do not need to download a player as newer versions of Windows Media Player and Mac OS Quicktime Player, will happpily play MP3 files.


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Real Audio

The Empire State Building

All about the Empire State Building. Michael Watkins talks to Lydia Ruth, Director of Public Relations and Special Events Co-ordinator for The Empire State Building. Click the loudspeaker to listen.


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Michael talks to Josie Bowman, Public Affairs Co-ordinator at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Click the loudspeaker to listen.


Scene on TV Tours

Michael Watkins talks to Georgette Blau about her new Scene on TV Tours. Click the loudspeaker to listen.


New York Apple Tours

Michael Alvich, Vice President of Marketing and Development with New York Apple Tours, talks about seeing Manhattan and Brooklyn from the top of a Double Decker Bus! Click the loudspeaker to listen.

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