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There are several schools of thought on this one and probably more than one correct answer. Back in the 1920s, stableboys used to call the New Orleans race track, The Big Apple.

Traveling jazz musicians used the name to refer to Harlem, which was the jazz capital of the world at that time, and in the 1920s and '30s, "The Big Apple" dance was considered to be really groovy in the nightclubs of Harlem.

In 1924, journalist, John Fitzgerald, was the first to call the City "The Big Apple", referring to the city as a whole, in his Morning Telegraph horse-racing column and in the early 1970s, a publicity campaign promoting the tourist industry brought the name back into common usage.

Finally, in the summer of 1999, BBC reporter, Tony O'Rourke, started this website and the rest is history...





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