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American Folk Art Museum

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New York City definitely has more fabulous museums per block than any other city in the entire world, but in the rush to stand in endless lines outside of MoMa and the Met, sometimes art-lovers miss the better spots in town.

For anyone with an interest in high-quality art, amazing exhibitions, and less of a flock of tourists, there's no better museum to visit while in town than The American Folk Art Museum. Far more interesting than an endless blur of master painters, the art at The American Folk Art Museum is all produced by self-taught artists. The museum's permanent collection includes some of the best of the best, and the visiting exhibitions are frequently given inches and inches of press in the city's biggest and most avant-garde publications alike.

Established in the 1960s, The American Folk Art Museum is particularly important for the arts because it provides a space for those artists that academics try to lump into a "lesser then" category so often, just because they lack "conventional" artist training. For a truly breathtaking look at some great art, it's often better to head here than to the MoMa.

The American Folk Art Museum is located in Midtown Manhattan, on West 53rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. The museum is free every Friday after 5:30, but is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10:30am until 5:30pm (until 7:30pm on Fridays). A number of hotels are close by, including the Warwick New York Hotel, The Shoreham Hotel, and The Rockefeller Center Hotel.

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