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Mecca is the most important and popular tourist destination in Saudi Arabia, but only followers of the Islamic faith are allowed into the city.


While Mecca, or Makkah as the Saudi Arabian government has decreed the correct spelling to be, is the most important and popular tourist destination in the country, it’s gates are closed to all but followers of the Islamic faith. Non muslims are barred from entering the city, thanks largely to it’s religious significance, as the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed. Notwithstanding this, the city sees millions of pilgrims every year, from all corners of the globe, making it a cultural melting pot, and influencing everything from the cuisine to the languages spoken. Those that do gain entry to the city will be rewarded with an opportunity to visit awe inspiring holy places, like the Masjid al-Haram, the largest and most important mosque in the world, and the Kaaba, which is the location towards which all muslims around the world pray. Being a modern city, there are also plenty of modern buildings, businesses and learning institutions, although even these are devoted largely to the service of the rite of Hajj, which millions of Islamic believers descend on the city annually to perform.


Browse cheap Mecca Hotel Accommodation, Motels, Villas and Apartments. Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia, near Taif, Jeddah (35 Hotels), Al Bahah, Madinah (27 Hotels), Port Sudan, Yanbu and Abha. Khamis Mushayt, Asmara, Hail, Najran and Marsa Alam are also close by. There are more than 27 hotels in Mecca, including the 4 star Al Shohada Hotel and the Elaf El Sudd Hotel , located at Ajyad Al Sud Road P.O Box 3297, with rates from SAR 315. Arafat, Arafat Mountain, King Abdulaziz Airport, Mina and the Muzdalifah are amongst the many attractions - Airports, Landmark or Monuments, Popular Areas and more. There are 16 luxury hotels rated 4 and 5 stars, including the popular Intercontinental Hotel, Intercontinental Dar Al Tawhid, Mercure Manazel Al Ain, Hilton Makkah and the Zamzam Tower Hotel.


Cheap Mecca Hotel Rates from SAR 119.


With rates from SAR 119, there are plenty of cheap hotels in Mecca. Try the Intercontinental Hotel at Old Jeddah Road P.O Box 1496, Mercure Hotel Umm AL Qura at Al Masjed Al Haram Road End Hojoun Bridge from SAR 299 or the 5 star Mercure Hotel Manazel Al Ain at P.O Box 5454 with rates from SAR 303.



16 Luxury Hotels in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


There are 16 Mecca hotels with a 4 or 5 star rating, including Intercontinental Hotel, Intercontinental Dar Al Tawhid, Mercure Manazel Al Ain, Hilton Makkah and the Zamzam Tower Hotel.



Major Hotel Chains in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


There are a number of major hotel chains in Mecca including Hilton, Novotel, Ramada, Sofitel, Intercontinental Dar Al Tawhid athe Intercontinental Hotel



Mecca Hotel and Attractions Guides

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Intercontinental Hotel Dar Al Tawhid
Dar Al Manasek Hotel
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Top Mecca Attractions

Arafat Mountain
King Abdulaziz Airport
The Sacred Mosque (Masjid Al Haram)


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